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Goddess Milk Bath - 12oz

Goddess Milk Bath - 12oz

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The ultimate spa experience for baby soft skin, melt your day away and feel like the goddess you are with this Cleopatra inspired milk bath. Enjoy the scents of Jasmine, Lily, and Orchid. Made with Orchid Extract and Doterra Jasmine Essential oil and contains calendula and jasmine flowers.

We mix this product for you (instead of layering items) so you don't have to. We want our consumer’s zen time to be as step free as possible so you enjoy more you time instead of trying to prep for it.

Ingredients: Powdered Milk, Powdered Honey, Baking Soda, Calendula Flowers, Jasmine Flowers, Lily Fragrance Oil, Blushing Orchid Fragrance Oil, Orchid Extract, and Doterra Jasmine Essential Oil

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