Stargazer Sugar Scrub

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Star gazer is rich and sensual with musky spices blended in with mandarin orange and plum, finished with exotic notes of clove, coriander, and bay leaf for a velvety warm all day scent.

Ingredients: Granulated Sugar, Mica Powder, Cornflower Petals, Organic Refined Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Optiphen, Amber Fragrance, Opium Fragrance.


Directions: Massage a quarter sized amount onto the body in a circular motion. Rinse well or remove with a washcloth. Can be used 2-3 times a week.


*Large scrubs are between 14 and 16 ounces, depending on the oils we use some scrubs are denser than others.


*Because we use all-natural ingredients, separation can occur. If natural separation occurs, simply stir ingredients back together.

*Try to avoid leaving excess water in the scrub as this can cause the sugar to melt, leaving the product less exfoliating.

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These products are made near products containing nuts.